Personnel service for businesses

We appreciate our staff, work sustainably, provide expertise and build bridges.

At the Elite Group our work focuses on setting the standards for a modern process and service-oriented portfolio.

We provide future-oriented and sustainable services. We see ourselves as the driving force in a partnership with our customers.

We offer a comprehensive service for all business areas – you benefit from the concentrated expertise of our staff and from the many years of practical experience we have in personnel services. This means we can provide services on attractive terms and supply experts for the various specialist areas at the same time.

As an experienced personnel service company, we know how important well-trained, highly motivated staff are for you as our customers.

We do more than simply cover staff shortages, however: we are a provider of effective and efficient personnel solutions.

Our services include

  • Provision of temporary staff
  • Direct personnel recruitment
  • Personnel development
  • On-site management
  • Outsourcing for human resources

We will work together with you to develop the best solutions and supply you with the staff you need to succeed.

Looking to secure your competitive advantage?

Our flexible personnel solutions allow you to secure and increase your competitive advantage – and we will support you throughout!